Sport talk

*Lisa Tamati is nearly at the end of her goal to run the length of New Zealand in 33 days.

* A friend emailed us a photo captioned look what I got for my birthday, come and get it.

The photo showed him sitting beside this:

I suspect it will be the first of many taunts which come our way because North Otago will be the first to challenge Southland for the shield next year.

* Where’s the line between legitimate interest in a sporting figure’s private life and prurience and has it been crossed by the saturation coverage of Tiger Woods?

4 Responses to Sport talk

  1. pdm says:

    Tiger is certainly getting a thrashing everywhere. On the tube on my way home from work today a guy was reading a tabloid that had The words Tiger and sex splashed across the front page. As he was about 6 feet away I couldn’t see the rest of the headline.

    Still when prominent sports people who give the impression of `being holier than thou’ stray they have to face the consequences. And there is no bigger sports name or holier than thou figure than Tiger.


  2. JC says:

    At least one journalist has written that Tigers infidelities were well known on the circuit, but both golfers and journos kept mum because he really is a huge drawcard and makes money for everyone involved.

    I see the odd comment that his legal team is well practiced with either threats or settlements to cover his antics.

    I note too the articles (now) describing the antics of the girl recruiters to the rich and famous.

    Put it all together, along with some truly despicable behaviour from Tiger and its legit to expose both him and the way that circuit operates.



  3. pdm says:

    JC if you are right then Steve Williams was hardly `up front and honest’ with his statement.

    Was he getting the rejects and cast offs?


  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    As a golfer (Royal Mangawhai in the morning!) I am flabbergasted by Tiger’s use of his spare time. He is even better than we golfers thought! And all the time we thought he got that good by spending every spare waking hour on the practise range perfecting his game!!!!
    ps pdm: Steve Williams is a good lad: as balanced as any good kiwi you’d ever meet. Mind you, he is a serious petrol head Westie! Had an excellent lunch with him last year at AGC, he was great company. Only four of us there so no need so show out. He recounted a few great stories, but mostly about Mickelson…. nothing about horizontal gymnastics (or for Private Eye readers, ‘Ugandan Discussions’) on the part of his boss! Also regarding ‘rejects’… it seems that none was rejected!!
    Also there’s an old adage: What goes on (PGA) tour, stays on tour. So to that end Stevie should not be criticised.


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