Wednesday was a very long day.

The alarm had gone off at 5.15 to enable me to get to the airport in time for the first flight, I’d spent the day in a meeting and then had to hang round Wellington airport for more than two hours for the 7pm flight back south.

The last of the cheese was being removed from the Koru Club buffet just as I got there so I was looking forward to the cheese on the plane.

It – a chunk of camembert and a generous slice of cheddar –  was up to expectations (though, call me biased if you will but I prefer Whitestone to Kapiti) but instead of the three crackers which normally accompany it, there were only two.

I put it down to cost cutting and thought no more about it. Busted Blonde had the same experience, blogged on it and set up a Facebook bring back the crackers group.

Chris Keall of NBR  read her post and contacted Air New Zealand who responded saying flyers will be getting four crackers – two packets of two.

Isn’t it great what bloggers and the MSM can achieve when they work together? Today it’s crackers, tomorrow it’ll be world peace 🙂

One Response to Crackers

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    I suffered from only 2 crackers on Friday


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