The bull still has a place

I wouldn’t normally presume to advise either Cactus Kate or Roarprawn on anything to do with sex but I’m entering the debate between them this time because the sex is of the bovine variety.

In a post supporting the proposed dairy operation in the Mackenzie Basin Cactus Kate wrote:

Their whole purpose is to be impregnated by a bull who engages in random group sexual acts with the entire herd in a fashion only an NRL team could understand.

Roarprawn responded with a great cartoon and said:

She also misses on one critical point and stunningly its about sex and cows or sex with cows and bulls.
There is no one time coupling with a rampant bull – nope.The closest a cow gets to the bovine hanky panky is a brief encounter with a sterile straw of semen. The poor cows don’t even get to have a bit of natural nooky.

Both are only half right.

Dairy farms use artificial insemination but not all cows conceive that way and those which don’t get to play with the bulls.

Most of the AI semen is usually from dairy breeds like Jerseys or Friesians and the heifer calves which are produced will be kept as replacements for older cows.

The bulls are usually beef breeds and the offspring sold as bobby calves or, if like us you have beef cattle too, they’re kept and raised for the meat market.

4 Responses to The bull still has a place

  1. gravedodger says:

    In the light of the feeding frenzy centered on one Eldred Woods and his activities in this field,pun intended, this debate does have a touch of refreshing reality about it.


  2. pdm says:

    It was all Bull in my days growing up on farms in Central Hawkes Bay in the 50’s and early 60’s.

    Judging by the attendances at the yearly bull sales there is still a fair bit of natural activity and if you drive through a herd of steers on the road there are always a few practicing.


  3. Cactus Kate says:

    We defer to your greater wisdom in the area of bull rooting, Homepaddock!

    As BB is only “half right” and as “half right” as I am, she can withdraw and apologise. Something I’m sure in her youth she did a lot of.


  4. I like what you said here, very educational. I grew up in Memphis and your site brought back many fond memories. What is you favorite place to visit in Memphis? I cannot pick just one, there are too many to choose from. I always enjoyed visits to Graceland.


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