Me Myself I

Happy birthday Joan Armatrading – 59 today.

One Response to Me Myself I

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    When I arrived in the UK on the Ellenis, in January 1973 (a week before Bill Bryson did) I went up to Lonin, and there a few weeks later, I was coming home from a temp accounting job (I had to stretch the truth about my experience to land the role, but that was typically lawyerish… even in those days!) I called into a new (cassettes only!!) shop called Our Price Records (even with no records!) and they were playing over the sound system ‘Whatever’s For Us’… I asked who it was, they said an young Birmingham girl called Joan Armatrading… I bought the only cassette they had! Still have it, but since replaced it with the CD. It is very good… musos should check it out. She is also an exceedingly fine guitar picker.
    ps pdm: Our Price Records was just outside the Finchley Road tube station. Later they opened stores all over Lonin, before they did what all record shops do.. went broke!


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