Acts of cow

A Tennessee man has been a victim of an act of cow.

Jerry Lynn Davis called the Hawkins County Sheriff’s office, complaining that a neighbour’s cows had been licking his house.

In the process, Davis says the curious bovines did about US$100 in damage by ripping off a screen window, cracking the glass and pulling down a gutter.

These cattle just poked their heads through a fence, it could have been much worse.

Friends woke up one night to the sound of mooing. When they looked outside they discovered a herd of cows had come up their drive; passed under an arch pulling it, and the rose which had been growing up it down in the process; trampled their lawn and were lined up at their verandah as if they were in a milking shed.

We’ve had a herd or two of cows find their way in to our garden but they made enough noise to alert us to their presence before they did any damage.

Sheep tend to be quieter and when the fence between the garden and the pet lamb paddock wasn’t as secure as it needed to be we often found wandering stock had done some radical pruning of favourite plants.

One such incursion happened just after I’d had one of the children and was still in hospital. A friend had picked a huge bucket of roses and given them to my farmer to down to me. He’d put them on the porch where he’d be sure to see them on his way out but when he opened the door he was confronted by a bucket of stalks and lots of sheep droppings.

One Response to Acts of cow

  1. gravedodger says:

    What happened to the roses would qualify as a disaster in my book.
    Mrs G D and I returned home from a ‘Lions tea meeting’ recently to find 15 or so of the neighbours 18 mnth cattle eating our Rhodies, they had bypassed the emerging grape buds, but the devastation was quite marked. The worst of it was the two wheel-barrow loads of bs that had to be picked up before the 3 four legged furries could roll in it as they surely would have done.
    The bloody neighbour suggested it was our fault as our front gate was left open. I would have thought a little sympathy and perhaps an apology was in order rather than the abuse and blame shift I received. Aah well stress can make life a little harder sometimes.

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