One at a time

When it comes to sexual relationships, one at a time has always struck me as a good idea.

The reaction to Tiger Woods’  tales or straying suggests that my view may be regarded as unusual.

Some reckon whatever happened should be between him and his wife – and possibly his children – oh and the several other women with whom he’s had liaisons.

I have some sympathy with that. If it’s not about golf  or his public life, it’s not our business and prolonged publicity will only make it harder for his wife and children.

But there’s a difference between leaving his private life private and condoning what he did.

Of all the reactions to the stories of Woods’ infidelity, what surprises me most is the attitude that there’s nothing wrong with it, summed up by Peter Williams in his Herald column:

He shouldn’t be ashamed. He’s far from the first. And there will be plenty more to follow.

He isn’t the first and won’t be the last, but why shouldn’t he be ashamed?

Work which takes partners away from each other can’t be easy – just look at how many MPs’ marriages fail – and there must be plenty of temptation for a fit, famous and wealthy man.

But are men – and women, because infidelity isn’t confined to blokes – really incapable of maintaining loving monogamous relationships even when they’re apart?

2 Responses to One at a time

  1. Andrei says:

    He shouldn’t be ashamed. He’s far from the first. And there will be plenty more to follow.

    That fallacious reasoning could be applied to any reprehensible human behavior you can think of.

    Replace adultery with rape and how would it read?

    In truth fidelity speaks to a persons character and trustworthiness.

    Something the liberal elites of our day have airbrushed away – hence the Peter Williams quote.

    With Tiger Woods it doesn’t matter it is mere titillation for the unwashed masses but when it comes to Bill Clinton’s shenanigans it does and his legacy speaks for itself.


  2. gravedodger says:

    Mr Woods sen made an admirable success of creating a world beater at golf but obviously no one saw the necessity of getting the message across about his vulnerability to the financial rewards for his partners to kiss and tell once he had done the nesting thingy with Miss Nordagren.
    At least Wales had a woman on the side who whatever one might think of her at least must have done it for love and he seems to have been reasonably discrete about it also.
    Steve Williams has also been exposed for not pointing out the consequences of getting his ball into a difficult lie and then not being sensible and taking a drop when in a hazzard.


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