Lockwood tops Trans Tasman roll call

Speaker of the House Lockwood Smith has beaten Prime Minsiter John Key to the top spot in Trans Tasman’s annual roll call.

This year on 9.25 out of 10 Lockwood Smith is top of the pile. Smith gets the nod because of his stellar performance as Speaker. He has been a revelation. A journeyman politician for most of his time in the House, Smith has finally found his niche. His score more than doubles from 4.5 last year to 9.25.

Trans Tasman says “his insistence Ministers answer questions properly swept away decades of ducking and dodging allowed by his predecessors. Runs the House fairly, rarely raises his voice and is a student of standing orders and speakers’ rulings.” He has had regular contact with the media and introduced a new route for the procession so the public could see it.

He created “an overdue infusion of good sense and a real commitment to Parliament.” Trans Tasman says Smith is probably the best Speaker since National’s Matthew Oram in 1950-57.

John Key is 2nd on 9 and Hone Harawira is at the bottom on 0.

The full commentary and list is here.

As always, the list appears to place a lot more importance on what MPs do in Wellington and doesn’t reflect the very good work many do in their electorates. Election results for Jacqui Dean. Jo Goodhew and Eric Roy, for example, show their constituents have a higher opinion of them than Trans Tasman does.

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