Does anyone remember . . .

 . . . who won Britain’s Got talent this year?

Just wondering, because Susan Boyle who came second, is breaking records with the release of her first album.

7 Responses to Does anyone remember . . .

  1. gravedodger says:

    Didn’t watch it but if someone has more talent the Susan Boyle it could be very good. She has it in SPADES.


  2. gravedodger says:

    Should have been than not the, should take more care with proof reading.


  3. pdm says:

    A group named Diversity. They look a bit like American Cheerleaders in long trousers.

    Couldn’t hold a candle to Susan Boyle.


  4. stef says:

    Weren’t they some kiddy dance team whose only claim to fame after the competition was when one of the kids did a face plant after missing his landing on a somersault?


  5. Colin Lucas says:

    I asked that very question myself and thanks to PDM for the answer as I didn’t have a clue.
    She will be coining it and they won’t.


  6. pdm says:

    I must confess to using google to get the answer.


  7. Rob Hosking says:

    Hmmm… Anyone remember the bands who beat Split Enz on our own ‘New Faces’ (or was it ‘Studio One’ ? ) back in nineteen seventy mumble?


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