. . . and then there were 55

A family of quail greeted us when we stopped to visit friends in Alexandra yesterday – Mum, Dad and five little ones.

Our hosts said several families of quail were regular visitors but they had yet to see what friends of theirs had – Mum, Dad and 55 children.

Surely that wasn’t just their own, they must have been nieces and nephews and cousins and friends.

That made me wonder:

Do the Mums & Dads take turns at child minding and what do the other parents do when other quail are minding their babies?

2 Responses to . . . and then there were 55

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Make more babies?


  2. However they arrange their affairs- they are good at it!

    Quail are spreading all over our area.


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