The next generation

We’re expecting a great nephew and another great-baby whose gender is yet to be determined.

Two of our nieces are pregnant and the extended families are tickled pink.

It’s all so different from when we were expecting our own children. The surgeon, who was the only one who did scans in Oamaru, wouldn’t let fathers watch and if he could tell whether it was a boy or a girl he didn’t share that information with the mothers.

Now expectant fathers, and sometimes other family members, are encouraged to be present at scans which is definitely a change for the better.

I wasn’t so sure about knowing the gender before the birth. I’d always thought it would be a bit like taking a sneak peek at Christmas presents in advance.

However, when the mother to be had her 12 week scan she  was told the gender and shared the news with us. He’s a he and we’ve seen his scan image on Facebook.

Knowing that, and his name, makes the news of a new baby in the family more real and more exciting.

Had my mother still been alive she’d have greeted the news with joy and would then have started knitting singlets. Since she’s not I’m doing the knitting instead.

My farmer asked me if it wouldn’t be easier to buy some singlets.

It would, but knitting is like home cooking, doing it with love adds something which can’t be bought.

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