Lemon Tree Cafe


If you’re a wee bit peckish and find yourself in Lawrence, I can recommend the Lemon Tree Cafe.

We stopped there today.  The menu was expansive and it wasn’t difficult to find something which satisfied the eye, the taste buds and the appetite.

The vegetarian wrap I ordered was fresh, tasty and imaginatively presented. It looked good and tasted better.

The next generation


We’re expecting a great nephew and another great-baby whose gender is yet to be determined.

Two of our nieces are pregnant and the extended families are tickled pink.

It’s all so different from when we were expecting our own children. The surgeon, who was the only one who did scans in Oamaru, wouldn’t let fathers watch and if he could tell whether it was a boy or a girl he didn’t share that information with the mothers.

Now expectant fathers, and sometimes other family members, are encouraged to be present at scans which is definitely a change for the better.

I wasn’t so sure about knowing the gender before the birth. I’d always thought it would be a bit like taking a sneak peek at Christmas presents in advance.

However, when the mother to be had her 12 week scan she  was told the gender and shared the news with us. He’s a he and we’ve seen his scan image on Facebook.

Knowing that, and his name, makes the news of a new baby in the family more real and more exciting.

Had my mother still been alive she’d have greeted the news with joy and would then have started knitting singlets. Since she’s not I’m doing the knitting instead.

My farmer asked me if it wouldn’t be easier to buy some singlets.

It would, but knitting is like home cooking, doing it with love adds something which can’t be bought.

Sports talk


* TV3 has come up with the country’s top five New Zealand sportswomen:  

5: Yvette Williams, 4: Sarah Ulmer, 3: Susan Devoy, 2: Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell and 1: Valerie Vili.

* Can the Black Caps do it again this week?

Fert prices drop


Ballance and Ravensdown have both dropped the price of fertiliser to $310 and $311 a tonne repsectively.

Both companies say it reflects a fall in the price of raw materials internationally and the prices are about half what they were at this time last year.

Just wondering


The grapes come in a plastic bag with holes so the fruit can breathe.

The bag also has a zip lock.

Just wondering why you would bother with a zip to seal a bag which is full of holes.

December 4 in history


On December 4:

1619 38 colonists from Berkeley Parish in England disembarked in Virginia and gave thanks to God (this is considered by many to be the first Thanksgiving in the Americas).

The First Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930)

1745  Charles Edward Stuart’s army reached Derby, its furthest point during the second Jacobite rising.

1791 The first edition of The Observer, the world’s first Sunday newspaper, was published.

The Observer

1795  Thomas Carlyle, Scottish writer and historian, was born.

1835  Samuel Butler, English writer, was born.

1872 The crewless American ship Mary Celeste was found by the British brig Dei Gratia (the ship had been abandoned for 9 days but was only slightly damaged).

Mary Celeste as Amazon in 1861.jpg

1881 The first edition of the Los Angeles Times was published.

Front page from October 21, 2008

1892  Francisco Franco, dictator of Spain, was born.

1918  U.S. President Woodrow Wilson sailed for the World War I peace talks in Versailles, becoming the first US president to travel to Europe while in office.

1930 Ronnie Corbett, Scottish actor, was born.

1949 Pamela Stephenson, New Zealand-born actress, was born.

1952 Great Smog of 1952: A cold fog descended upon London, combining with air pollution and killing at least 12,000 in the following months.

Nelson’s Column during the Great Smog of 1952

1954 The first Burger King opened in Miami, Florida.

Burger King Logo.svg

1971 The Montreux Casino in Switzerland was set ablaze by someone wielding a flare gun during a Frank Zappa concert; the incident would be noted in the Deep Purple song “Smoke on the Water“.

1978  Dianne Feinstein became San Francisco, California’s first female mayor.

1966 The state monopoly on commercial radio broadcasting was challenged by the pirate station Radio Hauraki’s first scheduled transmission from the vessel Tiri in the Colville Channel.

1980  English rock group Led Zeppelin officially disbandsed following the death of drummer John Bonham on September 25th.

Led Zeppelin in 1968. From left to right: John Bonham, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones

1991 Journalist Terry A. Anderson was released after 7 years in captivity as a hostage in Beirut.

1991 Captain Mark Pyle piloted Clipper Goodwill, a Pan American World Airways Boeing 727-221ADV, to Miami International Airport ending 64 years of Pan Am operations.

Pan Am Logo.svg

Sourced from NZ History Online & Wikipedia.

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