Never on Sunday

Happy birthday Connie Francis.


2 Responses to Never on Sunday

  1. Andrei says:

    The original “The Children of Pireaus” is to be preferred. It was sung by Melina Mercouri and I believe won an Oscar.

    Melina Mercouri was a somewhat heroic figure. A political activist, who risked her life and had all her personal property seized for opposing the Colonels after the 1967 Greek coup. Unlike Hollywood poser activists who risk nothing.

    After the restoration of democracy she became a Government minister.

    Still by posting Connie Francis’s more syrupy version with banal English lyrics does present the opportunity to tell of Melina Mercouri, a woman of note.

  2. homepaddock says:

    There was a lot of syrup to choose from when I was searching for something for this post. It came to a toss up between Lipstick on My Collar, Stupid Cupid and this.

    I’m pleased I chose this because it’s led to your very interesting comment.

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