Key tops Listener power list

It’s no surprise that Prime Minister John Key tops the Listener’s top 10 in its 2009 Power List.

The panel says he is:

being identified by leadership scholars as pioneering an entirely new style of political leadership in this country. Sceptics may cite his pragmatism as evidence of overt risk-aversion, but so far his reasonable, moderate demeanour and light-handed management has worked magic for the Government’s standing. He has been the polar opposite of Helen Clark, resisting both the micromanagement of others’ portfolios and playing favourites in the caucus. His cheerful tolerance of coalition partners’ ructions – “The bulk of people who come into politics have type-A personalities!” – has saved National from being embroiled in their crises.

Bill English is second followed by Alan Bollard, Rodney Hide, Steven Joyce and Rob Fyfe.

Then comes Michael Stiassny, the country’s senior receiver. The introduction to the list explains:

Perhaps the most telling detail about this year’s Power List . . .  is that a receiver (Micahel Stiassny) comes in at No 7. Yes, it has been a tough year; a year when debt became a dirty word, when old power bases were weakened by the recession. . .

Tariana Turia is ninth then John Whitehead and Peter Jackson. The top 10 has an 11th place – it’s filled by Phil Goff.

Then there’s those who have been delisted:

Craig Norgate who was 4th in the Business and economy section last year; Andrew West who was 3rd in agriculture  and Pat Snedden who was 4th in health and medicine.

The panel that selected the 2009 almanac of influence was chaired by Listener senior write Rebecca Macfie. Members were Lynn Freeman who hosts Radio NZ’s arts programme; Karl Du Fresne, Chris Wikaira, director of PR firm Busby Ramshaw Grice; Jane Clifton; Jacqueline Rowarth, Director of Agriculture at Massey; Bernard Hickey, Alan Isaac who chairs NZ Cricket, is a director of Wakefield Health, trsutee of NZ COmmunity Trust, chair of McGrathNicol & Co and advisor to Opus International; and Stephen Franks.

The full list and commentary won’t be online until Boxing Day. I subscribe to the magazine and if I didn’t I’d fork out the $3.90 for this issue.

3 Responses to Key tops Listener power list

  1. Neil says:

    Yet we get people insome blogs murdering Key for not creating a new right wing revolution.
    Remember people around the world aren’t ideologues,aren’t fixated with politics and just want to get on with life.
    Some of those right wing “nutters” need to get a life away from their computers and get out to see real people with real problems.
    John Key unlike Helen Clark can empathise with people.What a blast of fresh air John Key is. Somebody that most people can relate to.
    Could you imagine which would be the most enjoyable ?
    A dinner appointment with John Key or Helen Clark ?
    The important things is that parliament is a much happier place while the toxic vitriol of Clark and Cullen is gone from the headlines.
    Well done John Key !!!


  2. pdm says:

    I suspect that Steven Joyce may have a bit mre influence around the Cabinet table than Bill English.

    Neil – you forgot Winston Peters in the vitriol sentence about Parliament.


  3. Tired Farmer says:

    Opened minded people that we are Neil, I am surprised at the apathy,exhibited by a vast majority of our citizens with regards to our countries challenges.


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