Xcheque.com worth checking

A post at Phil Clarke’s Business Blog on how to translate $NZ per kilo of milk solids into British pence per litre led to Xcheque.com .

It’s a website with a wealth of dairy industry news and views which includes a global milk calculator and blogs.

The people behind Xcheque.com are Neil Lane and Jon Hauser:

Neil Lane who grew up on his parents dairy farm in Gippsland and has been involved in the dairy industry for most of his working life. For the past 8 years Neil has run his own consulting business specialising in the provision of farm systems advice. He consults to individual dairy farmers, dairy industry projects, and milk processors as part of the Intelact group of consultants. . .  

Jon Hauser holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has accumulated 30 years experience in research, manufacturing, and commercial management of dairy and other food processing businesses. He has also had an active role in the dairy co-operative sector as a CEO and Director.  . .

They are Australians but the website covers global dairy industry news and issues.

Oh dear, I’ve found another opportunity for work avoidance.

One Response to Xcheque.com worth checking

  1. Jon Hauser says:

    Thanks for your kind endorsement Ele. We also like the view from our kitchen window and finding opportunities to avoid work. You might note the comment this week from our resident artist Dave – very topical for you enzedders. Our Mr Johnny Howard spent a lot of time cuddling up to George Bush and came home with two fifths of five eigths of …


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