Quote of the week

“This Government has the capacity to make its own distinctions between good advice and bad advice,” says English.  “Advice we disagree with is bad advice; advice we agree with is good advice.”

– Bill English quoted in the NZ Herald’s Political Diary.

3 Responses to Quote of the week

  1. dimmocrazy says:

    You’re being cynical I hope?


  2. Tired Farmer says:

    Whilst the saying “it’s very easy to critcise and hard to do any better” can at times be a good motto to live by,over years of attending many of Bill’s meetings, I would have to agree with his admissions as stated in the above post.

    Certainly he has stated the truth in ” plain English “.


  3. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Very good! Love it. Who said he was a humourless bastard?


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