Another march for democracy

While assorted groups marched for democracy in Auckland, people were marching in Oamaru for a similar cause:

They were part of the street parade in the Victorian Heritage Celebrations.

Waitaki Mayor, Alec Fmailton, Mayoress Heather, the Queen of Victorian Oamaru and celebration committee chair, Sally Hope travelled by horse drawn carriage:

Also on parade, though not necessarily in support of votes for women were foot soldiers of Alf’s Imperial Army:

Emergency services were represented with an ambulance . . .

. . . a fire engine  . . .

. . . and a policeman:

There was steam power . . .

. . . and pedal power:

And if Donna Demente’s car was a few decades ahead of the Victorian era, what it lacked in historical authenticity was more than compensated for by its artistry:

2 Responses to Another march for democracy

  1. poneke says:

    While assorted groups marched for democracy in Auckland

    You’re being ironic here, right?

    The Auckland march, thank god pathetically attended despite the $500,000 spent trying to get people there, was essentially anti-democratic and aimed at promoting child bashing and subversion of democracy.

    Your government was very noted by its absence at this failed attempt to incite mob rule, and good on them for that.

    New Zealand is a democracy. Quite a good one. The people behind this event don’t like that.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Yes Poneke – tongue firmly in cheek. Although it is possible to oppose the Bradford change to S59 without supporting the bashing of kids especially given the current law allows smacking for purposes other than correction.


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