Relatively better isn’t the same as good

New Zealand tops Transparency International’s 2009 corruption perception index.

The others in the top 10 are: Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands and Australia, Canada and Iceland which are 8th equal.

The countries at the bottom are: Chad, Iraq, Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Somalia.

Corruption is a form of oppression and this map shows how widespread it is:

While it’s good to be relatively good, what really matters is not how good we are perceived to be relative to anyone else but how good we are fullstop.

A score of 9.4 does mean we’re perceived to be pretty good.

That makes it more likely that other countries and other people will trust us and our institutions.

But we need to be vigilant to ensure that reality matches the perception.

Hat tip: Poneke.

3 Responses to Relatively better isn’t the same as good

  1. Tired Farmer says:

    Go to the following website to see whats missed in Nz.


  2. paragon says:

    Strange report, a confused one at that. How can they rank us (Somalia) at the bottom when there isn’t any corruption? One needs a government or a sort of civil administration whose public servants you can bribe. In Somalia there is no such thing as a ‘government’.

    Perhaps they’ve decided to list the pirates’ ransoms as a corrupt venture? 😀


  3. OK, it’s a good report card, but as Penny Bright points out we can do better. I’d like to see New Zealand score a perfect 10 on this. The political will appears to be there on both sides of parliament, so lets apply a little more pressure.


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