Monday’s quiz

1. Which mountain’s name means the five treasures of the snows?

2. Who said: “Why was I a writer? Why hadn’t I gone in for soemthing easy like running the country?”

3. Who wrote the poem which begins A little piece of heaven fell from out the sky one day.It landed in the ocean not so very far away. . . and ends  . . . But that wouldn’t bring three million, seven hundred, and sixty eight people back. Would it?

4. What is a korimako?

5. What is New Zealand’s oldest daily newpaper and who was its first editor?

3 Responses to Monday’s quiz

  1. david w says:

    Hmm, I’m not going to do very well this week but I can’t turn my back on a quiz that awards bonus points for being a smart ar… know-it-all.

    1) No idea, sounds like a Himalayan sort of a place-name though…
    2) Possibly Michael Ignatieff who was an author before he became a politician in Canada ?
    3) errr pass
    4) This one I know! – the wonderful bellbird
    5) I think that’s the oddity which was founded by Vogel (don’t know if he was an editor though)


  2. Woollcombe says:

    1 Fujiama?
    2 Phillip Roth?
    3 Denis Glover?
    4 Bellbird
    5 Otago Daily Times. (Don’t know the name of the editor though.)


  3. swinestein says:

    1)Kangchenjunga, tibetan
    3)Icaras Allsorts,Roger McGough
    4)Korimako, the bellbird


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