Sports Talk

*The Breakers beat Backetball league leaders the Wildcats, last night.

* The next Americas Cup is probably going to be sailed off Valencia again.

* The Black Caps are playing Pakistan in 20-20 cricket

* Rugby for girls and boys this weekend:

The Black Ferns have the first of two tests against England on Sunday and the All Blacks are in Milan, lucky them, to play Italy.

9 Responses to Sports Talk

  1. Buggerlugs says:

    and there’s just the small matter of the All Whites playing for a World Cup spot in Wellington tomorrow night (LOL)


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Indeed – I know you’re a Southerner Ele, and the Beautiful Game doesn’t rate much of a mention, but the match at the Ring of Fire tomorrow night is probably the single biggest sporting event in New Zealand since the 1987 RWC Final.

    Inventory Junior and I will be there, right in the heart of the White Noise zone. And anyone wanting to support the All Whites is welcome here:


  3. Colin Lucas says:

    Also add to your list the NZ Match Racing Championships being conducted by the RNZYS adjacent to Westhaven Marina. Many of the guys who have sailed in the last few years have gone on to things like ETNZ Alinghi and BMW Oracle. Russell Coutts CEO of Oracle BMW is a fellow OBHS old boy.
    I2, mothers day 1995, now that was big!
    Having said that I’ll be watching the soccer. Go the All Whites!


  4. Inventory2 says:

    1995 was big Colin (and took a few days to recover from), but that, of course was not IN New Zealand. Nor was the last match in which the All Whites qualified for World Cup finals. This do-or-die match has really captured the imagination, if not of the entire nation, Wellington at the very least; the capital will go off big-time tomorrow night, especially if the All Whites prevail.


  5. homepaddock says:

    “and there’s just the small matter of the All Whites . . . ”

    This is what happens when someone who doesn’t know much about sport tries to start a conversation.

    “Also add to your list the NZ Match Racing Championships . . .” My brother, who is really only alive when on the water, would be most upset to know I’d overlooked that.

    I appreciate the contributions from all of you who know so much more about sport than I do.


  6. Paul Tremewan says:

    And of course, there is also the best golfer the game has seen, playing in Melbourne at the moment. Or is it as we Kiwis see it: the best caddie of all time doing his thing in Victoria… along with his American boss???? No, seriously: we love Tiger, so good and so humble. Traits I will take with me when I attack Ak G.C. tomorrow afternoon!
    (ps Q.5 In a straight line, what is the closest country to Rome, and what is its main export (clue: it’s not meat or wool.) If you weren’t going to ask that question I was always going to be well off the mark!!)


  7. pdm says:

    The Vatican is a stand alone country within Rome as I understand it so surely it is the closest.
    But I do not know what it exports – Popes to heaven perhaps.


  8. Paul Tremewan says:

    We won!
    Hopefully the ABs will also do us proud tonight with an equally exciting young side.
    Last time we attended a World Cup in South Africa, Suzie poisoned us and we came second. I am sure the All Whites would be happy to deal with a poisoning if it means that they too come second!!
    [pdm: Only HP can decide on Q5: after all it is only my guess at her question will be, and if it’s her question, we are sure she will know the answer And maybe her question will include the condition: ‘excluding The Vatican’!!!]
    And alas, watching Tiger was of no assistance whatsoever at Ak GC today. I was merely humbled!


  9. pdm says:

    A win to the AB’s with Smith, after a nervous first touch and Delany having good games. Good to see Ellis having a sound game at half but I wish he wouldn’t take those steps before he passes.

    Was that front row the worst eve in a test?


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