So not sorry

Dear Hone

You’ve provided fuel for every bigot.

You’ve set a new low for the standard of behaviour for MPs.

You’ve shown you haven’t made the transition from protestor to MP.

You used to be against the system, you’re now part of it. You should be using it to help the people who put you there and the people who pay for you to do that not abusing it and the office you hold.

You are so not sorry and because of that a minor sideshow has become a major debacle.

Yours with no respect,


2 Responses to So not sorry

  1. Sara says:

    You know here’s the deal is we want to live in a free society, and we do, we have to accept that people have opinions and say them in unbecoming ways. What happens you or I have a strong and unpopular opinion and get shut down because it is offensive or goes against the flow or if we are lazy and use poor English. If Hone had any sense he’s only communicate in Maori and 98% population would never know what he said.

    In his favour he is honest and consistent – this is nothing he hasn’t said before. Why should he be sorry? It’s his opinion.

    It is actually ok to be a bigot and thank goodness for that because in one way or another we are all bigoted about something.

    As for MPs behaviour, they are people and we elected them because they are passionate and had a cause (Nats not included here). Why would you want bland, do nothing politicians? Remember come referendum time vote for Single Transferrable Vote so you get the govt you vote for sans 65 odd hangers on who nobody knows.


  2. ZenTiger says:

    Hitler was popular in his day too 🙂

    Sara, great points but at the end of the day, speaking freely in a free society does not mean one escapes the consequences of their speech.

    He had every right to say what he did, we have every right to complain. It has translated as loss of mana to the Maori Party, and they get to decide if they care about that. Depending on their reaction, the voters then get to decide if they care about that (including support for the coalition)


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