Lest we forget

When I was at school everything stopped for a minute at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month while we observed a minute’s silence in commemoration of the end of World War I.

It’s called Remembrance Day in Britain. Our remembrance day is Anzac Day but it is still important to acknowledge Armistice Day, to remember the sacrifices so many people made for us and to be grateful for peace.

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, by Eric Bogle is about Anzac Day commemorations, rather than those for Armistice Day, but the story it relates is set during World War I.

4 Responses to Lest we forget

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    We used to do that as well.
    Seems to be something that is forgotten now, mind you for many it is, sadly, ancient history.


  2. embejo says:

    I grew up in Australia and 11/11 was always observed at school and at my workplace (a Veterans Affairs hospital) I haven’t noticed a wide spread observance among ordinary folk since living here (NZ), although the RSA hold services.
    I couldn’t watch your video…that song always upsets me.


  3. Sally says:

    I haven’t heard that song for 30 years – I find it very moving. Thank you for putting it up.

    Do you know when it was written?? One of the lyrics is something like “soon no one will be marching at all”. That may have been the feeling 30 years ago, but thank heaven time has proved it wrong, as more and more people take part in ANZAC parades, particularly the young who have no direct experience of war.


  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    Eric Bogle wrote it in 1971. There is also an exeedingly fine version by The Pogues, which will probably be on You Tube somewhere… (or if you are from the agrarian sector, it is Ewe Tube….)


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