Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were:

1. What’s distinctive about someone with a variation in the MC1R gene?

2. Who said, “Hollow commitments to action in the future are insufficient. Deferring difficult issues must not be tolerated. Our children and grandchildren expect us to speak and act decisively?”

3. Who won this year’s Prime Minister’s Awards for Literature?

4. What is a titipounamu?

5. Name the national presidents of: Federated Farmers, Rural Women NZ and NZ Young Farmers.

Paul Tremewan got two right, a bonus for originality in his answer to #1 and another for humour in his last answer. If his answer to #2 is satirical he’ll get a bonus for that too.

Paul L gets a bonus for lateral thinking and another for humour.

David W got 2 1/3 plus a bonus for teaching me something with the full answer to #1.

PDM – Mike Peterson chiars what was Meat & Wool NZ and will soon be just Meat NZ. But you can have a bonus for humour.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break:

1. This is evidence that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I was going to say s/he will have red hair and will accept that. But David W says:  Variants in MC1R (the melanocortin receptor gene) are associated with differences in skin and hair color in humans (not just red heads).

2. Jenny Shipley.

3. C.K. Stead,  Brian Turner and Dr Ranginui Walker.

4. Rifleman.

5. Don Nicolson, Margaret Chapman, Richard Fowler.

6 Responses to Tuesday’s answers

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    HP I am away motorbike riding in Laos, Mayanma and Siam for the rest of the month, so I thought I would get my answers in early for the next couple of Monday’s Quizzes. I have, of course, had to also guess what the questions might be which makes it slightly more difficult than usual.

    Monday Quiz: for 16 November

    1 Kanchenjunga in Sikkim, at 8,586m (been there!)
    2 Ruth Richardson, in her ‘Mother of all Budgets’ speech, (either that or a recent piece from Sue Bradford, before the famous dummy spit.)
    3 There are two: either the one at the top of Coromandel, or the one in South Westland. (The Coromandel one is named after my wife’s great-grandfather, who was a sailing ship master at age 19. True!)
    4 Leptospirosis (which did great harm to Steve Gurney, and also actually did for, my late brother.)
    5 San Marino, and postage stamps.

    Monday Quiz: for 23 November

    1 15 May 1991, (replaced by the Employment Relations Act in 2000)
    2 Maurice Duggan
    3 Kevin Briscoe and Roger Urban
    4 a Romney Perendale cross? (We city boys don’t know much about this apart from how they taste, and the fact that their wet weather gear makes excellent car seat covers!
    (I learnt that as a student, working in the felly at AFFCO’s Moerewa Works!))
    5 Mount Taranaki

    Ka kite!
    ps: D’you think I’ll get close to G-Dodge on these??


  2. homepaddock says:

    Paul – great answers. The challenge now is to come up with the questions to match.

    I hope the trip is as much fun as it sounds. Will I do a post when you return which will allow you to tell us all about it?


  3. pdm says:

    The question HP is whether bikie Paul is a Hells Angel or not. If he is then his report may have to be X rated. lol.


  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    HP: (and pdm)
    Of course I will give a Report ( geddit?) if I get back from tangling with the locals. I survived overland London to Ak, and again a circumnavigation, so I’m not overtly worried about a few days in SE Asia getting to me!! [Don’t drink the water…don’t drink the water…]
    No pdm, when you ride a BMW RT you are not quite an H/A prospect! [Hunter Thompson’s book on the Angels is a classic which has stood the test of time..] Mind, we did have a biker club when a student. [The same members who were in the band!] It was The Horrible Horrible Motorcycle Club, and we had more Ariel 600 singles than any other outfit in Godzone!
    Also I hope the locals in SE Asia are more considerate than the [what is the polite word for ‘dickhead truck driver’?], who, when I was riding along Ruakaka straight on Sunday morning, took umbrage that I was there, and went past at 120ks, a metre wide, blasting his air-horn….scary.
    ka kite


  5. pdm says:

    Good luck Paul – enjoy the trip and as they used to say on Hill Street Blues – `be careful out there’.


  6. Paul Tremewan says:

    Thanks, pdm!


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