NZ too small for Country Channel

When the Country Channel was launched I checked it out.

Some of the local content was interesting but there wasn’t much of it. The rest was from overseas and my farmer and I decided it wasn’t worth paying to for another channel when we hardly watch any of the channels that already come with Sky.

Sadly for the channel too many other people must have agreed with us because there’s an application to place the company which ran it into liquidation.

My farmer often and I sometimes watch the Saturday morning farming programme, Rural Delivery. We sometimes look at Country Calendar and that’s enough rural programming for us.

A programme devoted entirely to country matters was a big ask, especially when, as Quote Unquote points out:

. . . your target market, i.e. everyone in farming, spends all day working outside and all night inside watching TV One, like everyone else. And they don’t all have Sky.

It might have been better to try to sell a programme or two to one of the other channels when the market for a stand along country channel in New Zealand is so small.

The Nielson Market Intelligence rural website ranking for September may indicate how small the market for rural information in New Zealand is.

The Met Service got 70, 683 visitors in the month, the next best was Stuff farming with 38,805 and then RD1 with 13,125. You’d want a lot more than all those combined to sustain a TV channel.

UPDATE: Country in the UK has left a comment asking me to make it clear I’m discussing the Country Channel in New Zealand and that the UK Country Channel is still going strong.

2 Responses to NZ too small for Country Channel

  1. JC says:

    Since we moved into town we are always delighted when we stumble across Country Calendar on our way to the news, rugby or somesuch.. but thats the point.. we don’t have a sustained interest in the programme.

    We’ll happily watch it right through as the lead up to something else, but increasingly its for the personal stories rather than innovation and hard data.



  2. Please may I draw to your attention Country based in the UK. We have been in existance for three and a half years and are still going strong. Please can you can differentiate between Country Channel NZ and ourselves, because Google is unforgiving in its “news items”.
    We did contest Country Channel NZ having a similar name to ours in order to avoid any confusion, but were over-ruled. We would hate our viewers to think that we were in a similar position to this particular business.
    Kind regards,
    Country Channel Ltd., The Long Barn, Chalford Park Barns, Oxford Road, CHipping Norton, Oxon. UK.


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