Spot the difference # 2

Hone Harawira went walk about with his wife instead of attending a meeting during a parliamentary trip to Brussels, lied about it, couldn’t see anything wrong in it and has now sent an abusive email about it.

Neither the foul language nor the racist attitude are appropriate for an MP.

Rodney Hide used his parliamentary services’ funding for his partner’s airfares on an overseas trip which included a visit to a theme park and a wedding between business appointments.

There is a big difference between missing an official meeting which is part of the reason for a trip to do something else and fitting in personal visits around the business which is the purpose of the trip.

But I don’t understand why why, when he made his reputation as a perk buster, he bothered to use his perk for his partner. 

A business class airfare is a lot of money for most people. But it shouldn’t be for someone with his political views, high regard for personal responsibility and well above average income.

5 Responses to Spot the difference # 2

  1. poneke says:

    Yes, very carefully thought out.

    There is a big difference between missing an official meeting which is part of the reason for a trip to do something else and fitting in personal visits around the business which is the purpose of the trip.

    On a totally serious note, I think they are both as disgraceful. Hone went off for a love-fest in Paris while he was on an official trip. Rodney got himself an official trip to have a love-fest, and deliberately timed it to be at the time of a family wedding.

    Now I, as a humble private sector journalist, many times was sent overseas on jobs. Many were the times I was away from my beloved wife for 10 days or even more. We survived. We used the telephone (at our expense).

    The thought that my employer would pay for my wife to travel with me never once entered my head and I bet that goes for almost everyone in the private sector.

    In Parliament, however, they expect as of right — nay, ENTITLEMENT — that their other half will go with them for nookie and sightseeing, under the guise of an official visit. It’s all parties and almost all MPs.

    None of them should be allowed to do this, IMO, with the exception of the prime minister, who should always be allowed to travel with his or her spouse/partner as it is expected they will meet other leaders who will have their other halves at such meetings. The spouse/partner of a prime minister represents our country too on such official trips.

    Good on Mr Key for paying for his wife’s trips with him, but really he should be the exception to this. I doubt Bronagh gets much sightseeing in but she is a good representative of NZ on her husband’s official visits.


  2. homepaddock says:

    I agree, that if MPs, with the exception of the PM, want to take their spice they should pay for the trip themselves.

    I’m not sure that accompanying a partner who was on an overseas trip for work would do much for a relationship anyway. Jetlag and the demands of a real working trip don’t usually leave people with the inclination or energy for doing much in the little spare time they might have.


  3. pdm says:

    Poneke says – `we used the telephone at our expense’.

    Are you saying you indulged in telephone sex?

    Sorry HP I could not resist, especially after some of his inane comments in the last couple of weeks.


  4. Paul Tremewan says:

    Poneke /HP
    Kia ora te nga koe te nga kotu, te nga koe, e nga iwi, e nga whanu, ki ora, ki ora kotu katoa
    My friend to be taken seriously you should consider what you are saying and how you say it. At the moment you are making Hone Tarawira look like a statesman. Your recent comments are akin to someone knocking on a door and running away before the door opens. Pretty puerile, but fun from your where you are.
    The worst kind of endorsement is for someone to quote you, than have to qualify that by saying that that quote came from Poneke.
    Grow up, my friend. Stop knocking on the door and running away.
    ka kite
    PBT (Ngati Te Atatu)
    ps Also after your uninformed remarks about the Ak bus drivers dispute, about which you appear not understand, you may now be a little shame faced about the break up of the unions involved in this dispute today regarding the offer. (If you don’t understand, look it up, or call Karl Andersen). Solidarity is about what I can I get for me, and appears to be the call. Poor old Karl Andersen. His late father, the quintessential, communist trade union secretary Bill Andersen, would turn in his grave. He was a fine man. And he was true to his word. I was never in a dispute where either of us’s word was challenged. This is a little above knocking on doors and running away. How do you qualify in that regard, my friend? Unfortunately for me you appear to be a bit of a flake. Be brave: mon ami: restrict your comments to the matters about which you know something. At the moment that seems to be a pretty limited field. But keep at it! Ka kite


  5. poneke says:

    Poneke says – `we used the telephone at our expense’.Are you saying you indulged in telephone sex?

    I am a journalist. I choose my words very carefully. When I wrote that, I saw the connotation you raise, and then hit “submit comment.”

    Read into it what you will.


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