Sesame Street turns 40

We didn’t have a television set when Sesame Street was launched, 40 years ago yesterday, and my first memory in relation to it wasn’t of the show itself but playing the flax to its theme tune Mahnahmahnah.

Playing the flax?

We were flatting at 359 Leith Street in Dunedin which was diagonally opposite the older university buildings on the corner of St David Street.

Several flax bushes grew in the gardens and coming home one night we discovered that when they were wet we could make wonderful squeaky notes by holding the leaves between your thumb and fingers and sliding them up and down.

And the best song to play on the flax was:

Other YouTube videos of Sesame Street, including some marking its 40th birthday, are here.

UPDATE: – there will be an answer to the question of why I’ve posted a Muppet Show video and discussed it’s theme tune when it’s Sesame Street’s anniversary . . .

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