Tuesday’s answers

Monday’s questions were:

1. Where and when was Anchor butter launched.

2. What is a piwakawaka?

3.  Who said: “If you find it hard to laugh at yourself I would be happy to do it for you.”?

4. Who wrote the poem, Milking Before Dawn?

5. What does  sinistrorse mean?

Paul Tremewan and Gravedodger share the honours today.

Paul’s stab in the dark for Anchor butter missed but he got the other four right with a bonus for amusing me with the extra info on Groucho. (But why equus in relation to sinistorse? I know it’s the name of a play and that it relates to matters equine but don’t get the link to left).

Gravedodger got four right and a bonus for close-enough for his Anchor butter answer.

The full answer on Anchor is at NZ Histroy Online.

Samo got three right and PDM can have a bonus for honesty.

Tuesday’s answers follow the break:

1. From a dairy factory at Pukekura, Waikato,  by Henry Reynolds, on November 3, 1886.

NZ History Online says:  The brand name was allegedly inspired by a tattoo on the arm of one of his workers.

2. Fantail.

nzbirds.com says: Apart from hiwaiwaka, tirairaka and tiwakawaka, there are sixteen other dialectal Maori names for the fantail, many of which denote the restlessness of this little bird.

3. Groucho Marx.

4. Ruth Dallas.

5. Rising towards the left.

One Response to Tuesday’s answers

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    HP: With my 21% in UE Latin, (and the 24% in SC), of course I knew that the Latin words for left and right are sinistro and dextro… (This is probably the bulk of my Latin vocab knowledge…and thank goodness Latin was no longer a pre-requisite when I started Law School!) So hence my guess at a left handed equus! It was a rather lame play on words…!
    Also I must concede that G’Dodge did better than I did… I cannot claim a point for this rather sinister attempt at gaining a point (…the origin of this was that the Romans considered left handed people as being a bit untrustworthy, so that is where the expression ‘sinister’ comes from.)
    Gosh, as that person commented yesterday… this certainly is an interesting blog… its amazing what you learn here!!!


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