Help those in need not want

What is wrong with encouraging people who don’t need a benefit to find a job?

That doesn’t mean that those who are in genuine need of state assistance shouldn’t get it, and get it long term if necessary.

It just means that those who no longer need it should be encouraged towards independence.

But if people on the DPB and sickness or invalids benefits will be expected to stand on their own feet so too must others.

Turning middle and upper income earners into beneficiaries as Working for Families does was never a good idea.

Continuing to give people in want money from the public purse when people in need are being encouraged to look after themselves can not be justified.

4 Responses to Help those in need not want

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Spot on.

    I’ve not been able to understand why WFF could not be replaced with genuine tac cuts foe everybody. Maybe that’s the plan for 2011?

    Here’s hoping.


  2. JC says:

    Currently, the thick end of 400,000 families are receiving $2000-15,000 from WFF.. that makes it very difficult to play around with.

    Maybe it could be used as the basis for individual accounts for health insurance and super schemes? That way its still their money, but at least its being directed into more useful activities and investments.



  3. Red Rosa says:

    C’mon Nats, get stuck in!

    Invalids are easy targets, so start with them first. Should be able to winkle them out and have them back to work pronto.

    WFF beneficiaries -just shut the whole thing down! Bunch of bludgers. You said so in Opposition, and things haven’t changed. But now the deficit means the budget needs balancing, so urgency required.

    Never mind there are a few National voters there, they will soon see the light….


  4. murrayg1 says:

    Red Rosa – your side misses the point now too. There ain’t enough to go around now, nor never will be again. You can expect the scrap to get ugly – just as you can expect the battlefield to degenerate into chaos.

    ‘Jobs’ (thought of as 40 hours a week or whatever) are a very artificial construct, relying on resource-extraction to support them.

    The biggest irony is that we use energy resources – and they’re all stored solar energy – at the rate of having 1000 slaves apiece – and the readers here probably average more.

    Reduce the supply, and we’re all going to be quite busy, taking up the slack from those absent slaves….

    It’ll be work, but not as we know it, not as we know it…


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