Adventure before dementure

Yes, I know that’s not how you spell dementia, but that was the slogan on  Paul’s nomination for the best t- shirt in this morning’s Auckland Marathon and I thought it deserved wider publicity.

It’s a great philosophy.

The phone rang just as I finished reading it so I passed it on to the caller. He said he thought he should get a couple of those t-shirts in case one wore out.

I’m in awe of anyone who does marathons whether it’s done with the aim of winning or, for the challenge like Otago sisters  Annette Sinclair  and Carol Patterson ( aged 57 and 49 respectively) who will be running the New York Marathon.

We like to get out of our comfort zone,” Sinclair told the Otago Daily Times. . .

The sisters decided 12 years ago to do something special each year.

After being inspired by watching our daughter and niece run a half marathon in Christichurch a couple of years ago I talked some friends into entering the Dunedin Marathon.

None of us was into running but we were all happy to walk it. Three of us took it seriously and finished at around three hours.

The others took a more leisurely approach and stopped for coffee and shopping en route.

But we all enjoyed it which was the point.

P.S. If you did this morning’s marathon you’re welcome to tell us how you went.

P.P.S.: Clarification – that was a half marathon we walked in Dunedin.

2 Responses to Adventure before dementure

  1. Paul Tremewan says:

    Seeing I started this thread, I’ll comment: it was a race in great cool conditions, but with a good breeze as a head wind for the last 12ks to the finish. Always great running over the bridge, it reminds one how high we are above the water. The (second to) hardest part is getting across to Devonport on the North Shore for a 6.10 start!
    My first marathon as a 60+; in the top 40% of the whole field and completed the course in 4h 04m… and now recover and I wait in great expectation to tomorrow’s Monday Quiz… hope I get close to G’Dodge!
    ps HP I think that if you did Dunedin Marathon in 3h you were seriously fast if you walked. Or was it the Half down there, which I understand is a very good Half to do.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Congratulations, Paul.

    Yes, it was only a half marathon we did in Dunedin – some people ran the whole thing faster than we walked the half.


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