Anthems shouldn’t be dirges

Memo to whoever is responsible for the singing of national anthems before sport matches: they’re supposed to be enthusiastic and uplifting.

I’ve just listened to God Defend New Zealand and Advance Australia Fair being sung in Tokyo where the All Blacks are playing the Wallabies.

Both sounded like dirges.

10 Responses to Anthems shouldn’t be dirges

  1. gravedodger says:

    Agreed H P, many complain when our players don’t sing but with the singers personalisation of the anthem it is very difficult even in the privacy of my living room let alone in the pressure cooker of the stadium.


  2. JC says:

    GDNZ is actually quite bearable if its sung a bit faster but too many singers seem to want to extend their time in the limelight.. pity.

    Nevermind, the ABs eventually overcame its soporific effects and came away with a very good win.



  3. Paul Tremewan says:

    Agreed! That’s why its always great to play France! Quelle chanson La Marseilles.


  4. I wonder how much Freemason symbolism is written into Thomas Bracken’s God Defend New Zealand. I mean, what exactly is Pacific’s triple star and why should we be guarding it? Still, it is better than NZ other official anthem, God Save the Queen.

    I’m working on a new, more appropriate national anthem. New Zealand, She’s a Stunning Country.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Will – do keep us posted on your progress with that new anthem. Could you a manage a line with “she’ll be right” too?


  6. Paul Tremewan says:

    ‘She’ll be Right, Mate’ was the title of a song by Peter Cape recorded in the 60s. He was also responsible for ‘The InterIsland Steamer Express, ‘Tauraranui, (on the main Trunk line)’ and the topical ‘Spello You Jokers’ given the proposed changes in the legislation!
    ps best t-shirt in this mornings Ak marathon: an old boy ( even older than me) with the slogan “Adventure before Dementure!”


  7. I’m stuck on a rhyme for country. The only one that keeps coming up is Huntly, and the town doesn’t deserve that much prominence. I’ll keep you posted.


  8. homepaddock says:

    Will – you could try another word instead of country – land, home, nation . . ?


  9. Paul Tremewan says:

    Actually, I think he spelt it ‘dementia!’


  10. pdm says:

    Paul T – wasn’t it Rod Derritt who sang Taumarunui On The Main Trunk Line as well The Ride On The Kiwi Express and Taumatawhakatangihngakoauatamateapokaiwhenuakitinatahu -based on the longest place name near Porangahau.


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