Taking clinics to the patients

Southern papers have had several stories about the closure of school dental clinics.

Teachers complained that children would be out of class for longer if they had to travel to get to a central clinic.

Parents complained about the difficulty of getting children to the clinics during work hours.

Both problems could be solved by mobile dental clinics which are being built for district health boards.

Taking the clinic to the children rather than having to take children to the clinic sounds like a good idea.

It’s a similar idea to the mobile surgical bus.

It’s been operating – in both senses of the word – throughout New Zealand for several years. It enables people in towns whose hospitals no longer have operating theatres to get surgery close to home.

The ‘bus’ is a 20-metre long, 39 tonne mobile operating theatre built in Rotorua. It cost $5.2 million and was privately funded. The ‘bus’ carries $1 million worth of video communications equipment.

It treated its 10,000 patient while on a scheduled stop in Oamaru on May 27 this year.

3 Responses to Taking clinics to the patients

  1. gravedodger says:

    As one who has been sleeping with an ex operator of the “murder house” for over 45 years and someone with good knowledge about 2nd hand Japanese 7 or 9 meter buses. you make good sense with this post. An acquaintance in Auckland, a few years ago bought, a 9 meter that had been originally a mobile blood clinic and it would have only needed a dental chair and drill as it already had the sterile surfaces and sterilizer in it when he bought it for conversion as a mobile home. A number of these centrally based could have the added advantage of removing the traumatic reminder of the image of unpleasant experiences from the school environs and avoid the obvious duplication of a clinic in nearly every schoolyard.
    I see the school dental system as a great part of the public health system, with its ability to deliver dental care and oral health education.
    One innovative use of the fixed clinic system was here in Akaroa when we moved here nearly 10 years ago and a semi retired dentist used the facility part time as a private practice using the local dental nurse as his chair assistant.
    Sadly he has retired and we all have to travel to the big smoke for our dental needs.
    Geez maybe murrayg1 may not find fault with something I said, here’s hoping anyway, more good sense thankyou Ele, it’s been a long ten days of withdrawal symptoms for me if not for everone else.


  2. bobux says:

    Ahh, but think of all the fossil fuel that bus will consume!

    If murrayg1 turns up, I doubt he will be happy with this reckless use of a limited resource.


  3. Ben says:

    I work as a dental assistant and would love to help out at one of these clinics. What a great way to lend a hand.


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