Does this take the biscuit?

Last year a tourist took offence at Eskimo lollies here, now people on the other side of the Tasman are complaining about creole creams.

There’s a huge gulf  between ignorance and racism on one-side and hypo-sensitivity which takes offence where none is intended on the other.

Where do these biscuits fit? Is it just a name or is it a racial slur?

And if creole creams aren’t acceptable are coconut roughs and if they’re not is coconut by itself?


 How far along the highway to linguistic sterility do we go and where do we stop?

One Response to Does this take the biscuit?

  1. Sus says:

    Hate Crimes for Cookies Act?

    Don’t laugh. My first experience of this madness was donkeys’ years ago when I couldn’t believe the article in ‘The Dominion’ as it then was:

    Colorado was in the throes of enacting a .. wait for it .. “Be kind to vegetables” Act, with regard to marketing and preparation, etc.

    I kid you not, HP! That state, beautiful thought it may be, is chock full of loonies.


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