On our arrival at Oakridge we were told that we had to go to the cafe downstairs rather than through to the restaurant where we’d dined on previous occasions.

We weren’t sure if this was a good thing, but our concerns were groundless. The food and the service were of the high standard we’d come to expect.

My farmer and one of our friends ordered beef, the other friend had hapuka, I chose the lamb rack served with minted couscous an asparagus and we shared a side order of asparagus too.

The lamb was succulent and tender, the couscous complimented it well and the asparagus was exactly as it should be – bright green and almost just a little softer than crisp.


We’d resisted the entrees to ensure we had room for desert – banana steam pudding for our friends and white chocolate and raspberry creme brulee for us. It was delicious.

The only complaint we had was a spot of bother we encountered when we went to book the table.

Oakridge is a resort on the outskirts of Wanaka.

It’s name has recently changed to Grand Mecure Resort Oakridge and that’s what it’s  listed under in the phone book. That isn’t very helpful when you expect to find it under O for Oakridge. It took us a bit of searching before we found it  when we rang to make a booking and I wonder how many people don’t get to enjoy a meal there because they can’t find the number listed under O where they expect it to be.

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