Monday’s Quiz

1. Who wrote Requiem for a Wren?

2. Who said “Always for give your enemies, nothing annoys them so much”?

3. What is Zaire now called?

4.When were New Zealand’s first Labour Day celebrations held?

5. Which was New Zealand’s first National Park?

5 Responses to Monday’s Quiz

  1. PaulL says:

    Zaire: Democratic Republic of Congo? I’m first, so I get to guess at the easy ones!!


  2. Paul Tremewan says:

    1 The Oz Nevil Shute
    2 He who said ‘Worse than being talked about, is not being talked about!’: O. Wilde
    3 ? (Its not “T’day, gone t’morow”, is it?)
    4 From the chippie Sammy Parnell’s refusal to work more than 8 hours a day, back in 1840…and in1890 Labour Day was founded. [Part of NZ Industrial Relations history] Today that would be known as ‘working to rule,’ and is deemed to be strike action under the Employment Relations Act;
    5 Tongariro


  3. pdm says:

    1. Pass
    2. Pass
    3. T think that was where `The Rumble in The Jungle’ fight between Cassius Clay and Joe Frazier was held. If so it was in the Congo which I think still exists some way or other – is Zaire now Kinshasha?
    4. 1928?
    5. Tongariro – I suspect that is why the `whistle stop’ station at the top of the Raurimu Spiral was named National Park.


  4. Samo says:

    Neville Shute
    Wilde or Field
    Republic of Congo?
    119 yrs ago tomorrow
    If DPF corect it’s Tongariro


  5. Paul Tremewan says:

    pdm( and HP, of course)
    The Rumble in the Jungle was Mohammad Ali and George Foreman… subject of the book by Norman Mailer ‘The Fight’… which, I am afraid like his ‘The Naked and The Dead’, has not stood the test of time well. However, there was a film about the whole show: the build up, Ali’s comeback and going to AFRICA where a world h/weight fight had never ben staged before, and of course about George Foreman then the baddest man around!!…(available on dvd) is ‘When We Were Kings” It’s brilliant and has stood the test of time! Interestingly Foreman subsequently became very good friends with Ali but Frazier continues to hate and despise the great man. Another good book is Stephen Brunt’s “Facing Ali’ about 15 fighters in later life who had fought Ali. One of whom was Joe Bugner, the UK journeyman and about whom the joke was told: the similarity between Joe Bugner and Michael jackson, was that they both wore gloves, but for no apparent reason! (…. Hard but fair!)
    PBT (… after an invigorating day doing the damage for clients in primary sector in the wonderful South Island!)


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