False names & fake company polls with public money

Polling is a common practice for political parties and MPs are able to poll using public money.

But why hide behind false names and a fake company?

The Labour leadership is embroiled in a murky polling operation run by a senior MP who has instructed volunteers to deliberately deceive people about their identities and the reason for their calls.

The polls were being run from Parliamentary offices by former Cabinet minister Rick Barker, who has admitted instructing staff to use false names and claim they were calling from a company that no longer exists.

I don’t know if this could be considered false pretences but it’s definitely not a good look.

In case you’re wondering why the party was using public funds for what is obviously political ends, Labour is deeply in debt so doesn’t have party funds to use for polling.

4 Responses to False names & fake company polls with public money

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    It’s time they sold some assets to pay some debts and avoid the need to steal.


  2. pdm says:

    HP – Labour `has form’ over recent years of using public money to pay for party business. This is just another example of their low morals.


  3. stuart says:

    HP I can understand the need to shield the name of the organisation, you would get a different response to a call from ” The Labour Party” than you would get from from ” XX Research” the Labour Party Response would often be skewed in the direction of what the respondent thought the Labour Party may want to hear, while the Research Co would get a better veiw of the truth.

    The use of Parliamentary Funds is a difficult call, basicly Opposition Parties get a Bulk Leaders Office Fund to allow them to function with in the Parliament System with research etc this fund can be used in different ways including explaining your party’s policies to the electorate. I see no problem in this as long as the Leaders Office Funding is open and transparent how the party selects to use this money shuld be down to them as they canj chose what they think gives the best value for money.

    The use of false names yea dumb but FFS if you are going to run a internal polling operation with volunteers make sure that they are party members that can be vouched for. This whole thing came apart at the seams because they used a Green Party members as part of their Polling Team Dumb Dumb Dumb


  4. pdm says:

    Stuart says dumb, dumb, dumb and to think I gave the DUMB Barker my electorate vote in 1999.

    How dumb was I?

    Tthat is a rhetorical question which I do not need anyone else to answer – lol.


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