Lonely Planet on Kindle

The idea of reading books on screen hasn’t appealed to me.

There’s something about the way a book looks and feels and a connection with the printed page which a computer can’t emulate.

But the news that Lonely Planet is going to be available on Kindle might make me change my mind.

We use Lonely Planet guides a lot when we travel but their size and weight means they’re not very portable.

Being able to download  relevant chapters or whole books as you go would be much better than carting heavy tomes around.

One of my travel nightmares is being somewhere with nothing to read. I’ve learned to pack light when it comes to clothes but not with books. Kindle might solve that problem for me too.

3 Responses to Lonely Planet on Kindle

  1. JC says:

    Barnes and Noble are coming out with their version, which they call the “Nook”. Same price at US$259, better coloured interface and ability to share books for a fortnight with other Nook uses. Both Kindle and Nook use wireless connection.

    Does NZ have a server to handle the connection?

    Anyway, I’m keeping an eye on these products because they may be just the trick for totally incapacitated people who struggle to hold a book or turn a page.



  2. lilacsigil says:

    It’s not going to appeal to me until it’s DRM free and they can’t take your books back whenever they want! I want to buy a book (or music), not a licence to read one!


  3. I’m an old tradionalist too, but I can see the appeal to city dwellers that don’t have the room for (what I would consider)a decent library!

    Also for the student trying to carry a pile of textbooks!

    Then there is the fact that I have published an ebook…


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