Australia to exclude ag from ETS?

Australian Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull has his coalition’s blessing to negotiate agriculture out of his country’s emissions trading scheme.

“New Zealand’s headlong rush into an ETS was always the tail attempting to wag the Australian dog,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.

“With recent political developments in Australia, the New Zealand ETS without amendment, looks like a dog with fleas.

“While the balance of power in the Australian Senate rests on a knife edge, the Coalition’s new proposals seem to have the backing of Independent Senator, Nick Xenophon.  That gives the Opposition potentially 39 Senate votes to the Labor/Green Party’s combined 37.

If we have to have an ETS – and I’d rather we didn’t – it makes sense to keep pace with what Australia does. 

It’s not only our biggest trading partner, its producers also compete with ours in many markets.

If Australia exempts agriculture from its ETS while we include it in ours, primary production here is going to be at a disadvantage in the international market place.

4 Responses to Australia to exclude ag from ETS?

  1. Tired Farmer says:

    Re Emissions Trading Scheme.

    Neil Henderson of 2627 Whakarau Rd, RD.2

    Te Karaka 4092 email

    Ph 06 867 8845.

    Neil & Esther have organised a petition “Urging the Government not to commit to any emissions reductions at the Copenhagen climate change negotions,so that excessive hardship to individual New Zealand families and to the New Zealand economy for no measurable benifit to the climate can be avoided.

    Petition forms are available at several business sites around the town of Gore but up to now the Gore District Council will not put it on their desks ????–still hoping tho.

    The Petition closes on November 5th 2009.


  2. murrayg1 says:

    That’s pure selfishness. Actually, it’s worse. Given what we know, it’s robbing from the future to satisfy the greed of now. That’s fraud, and those of us who chronicle the history of this short stage, are keeping notes.
    Get real, those petitioners. You live at the level you do thanks to the one-off, short-term extraction of fossil-fuels. 200 years all up, max. The fact is that no other generations will get that chance, but yet will be required to cope with the repercussions of us doing so.
    And you want to duck even that responsibility?
    Shame on you.


  3. Tired Farmer says:

    Murrayg1–Surely you believe in adaptibility and ingenuity?


  4. […] It sounds to me like there is some interest in NZ sbusidising its agricultural industries again (eg here and here). […]


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