Deciding how to vote

Justice Minister Simon Power has announced that the first referendum on MMP will be held with the 2011 election.

We’ll be asked if we want the status quo or a change and then which of the alternatives we’d prefer.

If a majority want a change a second referendum between the system which gets the most votes and MMP will be held with the 2014 election.

Cabinet hasn’t yet drafted the questions to be included in the first referendum, the alternate electoral systems to be offered, and how that referendum will be conducted.

I hope they’ll consider using preferential voting for the second part when we’re being asked to decide between different systems.

When too many people still don’t understand how MMP works the information campaigns on alternatives will be interesting.

If you’re interested in testing your understanding of MMP, the Electoral Commission has a quiz here and an advanced quiz here.

I got 9/9 in the first but only 7/9 in the advanced one.

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