About that poll

A new comment on an old post reminded me that I’d forgotten my offer to set up a poll to pick the Blog Award for Radio NZ.

The offer was made after Radio NZ said it couldn’t afford to enter this year’s New Zealand Radio Awards.

I nominated Jim Mora as broadcaster of the year and  Afternoons  and Country Life for best programme.

Others nominated Brian Crump, Media Watch and Peter Sledmere.

Any further nominations should be made today and I’ll set up a poll tomorrow.

Since I offered a box of Whitestone Cheese to the winner/s and my generosity knows considerable bounds I’ll stipulate nominations must be restricted to two categories – one for people, best broadcaster, and the other for best programme.

2 Responses to About that poll

  1. Pdogge says:

    May I nominate a fresh new voice to RNZ Concert – Clarissa Dunn, one of NZ’s excellent soprano’s currently presenting with beautiful diction and a perfect balance between friend and professional voice.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:


    Programmes – Country Life, Checkpoint
    Broadcaster – Kathryn Ryan for her sheer professionalism, Mary Wilson for tenacity

    Can we have a category for most unpopular broadcaster – nominees Kim Hill, Noelle McCarthy


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