Better buy flies

Air New Zealand is reducing its domestic airfares and allowing business travellers to change flights on the same day without cost.

It has always seemed silly that if a seat’s available on an earlier flight you can’t take it without paying a lot more. The change in policy will also enable passengers to take a later flight providing their is a spare seat.

Price reductions on regional routes will be up to 23%.

That’s very welcome. It can be more expensive to fly to and from regional airports within New Zealand than to cross the Tasman.

Another improvement will enable frequent flyers on regional services to drop off and pick up their own bags directly at the aircraft.

It’s frustrating to walk past your bag on a trolley, as you do when you get off a wee plane, then have to hang round the terminal for it to be brought in.

Frequent flyers will be issues with fast tags to identify their luggage but even so it could be a bit messy because if other passengers see some people picking up their own luggage they’ll want to do the same.

2 Responses to Better buy flies

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    OT but can’t find your e-mail address. You might not have seen this yet.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Adolf – my email address is on “about homepaddock” page. I hadn’t seen your post but did see Gaynor’s column and a post on it is under construction.


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