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Like PDM, who left a comment three posts back, I’ve noticed that since Keeping Stock stopped keeping stock there’s been  a gap in the blogosphere for those interested in sport talk.

I don’t have Keeping Stock’s knowledge, but until someone who has fills the gap,  if readers want it, I’m happy to provide a weekly post where sports fans are free to discuss and debate sporting matters.

The floor is yours.

8 Responses to Sport talk

  1. Lou taylor says:

    How about some blood sport Ele
    The Nats dumping on the productive to ensure the lifestyle of the unproductive.
    It won’t be them paying back the $40 billion plus interest but you and your children.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Lou, I’m not happy about this either – posts on ACC & the general state of the nation’s finances are under construction.

  3. gravedodger says:

    Yes H P, IV2’s forum did give an outlet for the tribal amateur sports jock wannabes,so it will be interesting how it goes.
    I wondered last night if Chris Pollock is a close relative of the much loved speaker of the house during the last labour govt – not. The way he screamed at the R & B forwards at most breakdowns last night brought back horrible memories of the one and only, thank god, M W. Also I thought Maitlands attempt to put C P in the blood bin was excellently done and fully justified if ultimately unsuccessful. Then Ref Pollock or is that Pillock made a monumental error with H B’s last gasp try that I thought was good in real time let alone the slowmo. If H B miss out on a finals berth Chris will need armed guards to go near the “Bay” again. Some tremendous rugby however and how many CBHS old boys were involved. Did I hear right, 13 over the two teams.
    Great to see the passion and a full house, well done H B.

  4. JC says:

    Lets see. Lowe had it all over Whitelock last night and has done Latima several times since last year. He’s the man for the EOTYT.

    Thomas The Tank Engine had a brilliant night.. esp. off a dying scrum in the last 20.. still seems to have added another 2 stone to his already curvacious figure.

    Ritchie did what I want to see more of.. playing 6 or 8 and preserving the head and body a bit.. he came alive in the 2nd half.

    I thought Eliott did enough to get the third hooker spot.. basically on potential.

    How good is Guildford? He’s the one with a point of difference against the other wings.. very quick, thinking, lovely positioning, a good shimmy and relies on his speed to get through.. you don’t see him tackled front on much because he’s already stepped the direct opposition and through.

    There’s plenty of fullbacks so Dagg will miss out, but he’s got the goods.

    Ellis has been good the last two games.. so he’s in the hunt with Matthewson for the third spot?


  5. pdm says:

    HP – great idea and we are into it already.

    GD – If HB miss a home semi Pollock will be turned round at Napier airport henceforth.

    JC – are you a HB man too? I agree with your summation as I watched the game streamed to my laptop. I thought Newlands had an edge on Crockett, particularly in the first half. Lowe was outstanding and once again Johnson showed how valuable a loose forward he is. One of the problems Guilford has is that as a left wing he joins three others already there in Rokocoko, Sivivatu and Gear which is why they have to play Jane on the right on occasions. Masaga is the only other wing in the country like Guilford. Dagg will be unlucky and his time will come but watch for Robertson from Southland to come through and press hard by 2011. I think this may be Muliaina’s last tour.

    Finally the Ellis/Carter combination had a big influence on Thursday nights result. Good to see Ellis passing without taking two or three steps. Last night was the first time I have seen him since Super 14 and on that form he is one of the top two half backs in the country.

    Finally INV2 had a big advantage with his sports forums because he had an indepth knowledge of a number of sports. A former first class cricket umpire, probably half blind, and I think a former rugby referee means he was totally blind and a control freak (lol). A hard man to emulate or beat in a debate for that matter.

  6. JC says:

    PDM.. born and bred but Wairarapa, Wanganui and BoP the last 40 years.

    With Guildford I think he’s instinctively a better positioned player for the game as its played at the moment.. better than the two Fijians.

    Latima had a fine game tonight so might pinch out Lowe’s chances.

    Ellis.. we still don’t have a good enough sniper around the edges. I think Ellis has done enough because Matthewson has gone off the boil.. but young Tuiglamala from NH is impressing me with his darts.

    All up a very satisfying ANZ Cup.


  7. pdm says:

    JC – I have lived in HB most of my life – grew up in CHB and left HB in 1974. Returned in 1982 and while presently in the UK for I am not sure how long – Hastings is home.

    I agree re Ellis I have always favoured him but he got a bit cocky for a while. He Leonard and Cowan give us good options and like you I like Mathewson because he clears the ball so well.

    I doubt Lowe is really in the frame but he is the best openside in the Hurricanes region and I felt he outplayed Whitelock the other night.

    My son tells me Sean Bourke was going well at the start of the season – is he still going well. No8 is a real problem position for mine and I wondered if he might be the answer, big, strong, quick and with high skill levels. In the past he has been a bit short in the brains dept. but I see he is BOP captain so he must be doing a lot right now.

  8. JC says:

    The real comparison of Burke is with Messam. Both are relatively short, multiskilled and have good workrates.

    But Messam is scatty, prone to brain explosions and playing like the Energiser Bunny. He would star in the lesser tests but he sometimes does something wayward under pressure.
    Burke is much more inclined to look at the options and to utilise his very good kicking game in a safety first way. To me he’s very impressive but not the size we want and need off the back.

    If we have to look at sawn off shotguns I’d give Waldron the chance.. hell. he might even lose his svelte curves on an unrelenting tour 🙂


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