Kiwi’s #1

The kiwi is New Zealand’s number one bird according to a Forest & Bird poll.

The top 10 birds in this year’s poll are:

1. Kiwi (1586 votes)
2. Rifleman (1230 votes)
3. Kea (1093 votes)
4. Kakapo (829 votes)
5. Tui (619 votes)
6. Takahe (571 votes)
7. Fernbird (462 votes)
8. Fantail ( 395 votes)
9. Karearea/native falcon (383 votes)
10. Pukeko (382 votes)

This is the fifth year the competition has been run. Last year the kakapo won and the kiwi didn’t make the top 10.

Previous winners were: the tui in 2005,  the fantail in 2006 and the grey warbler in 2007.

4 Responses to Kiwi’s #1

  1. Alan says:

    I was the “campaign manager” for the falcon (along with some other, supposedly famous chap 🙂 At least the falcon got into the top 10, I guess.

    Anyway, when I told our mutual friend what I’d been up to he pointed out that I should have employed some of the High Country networks to get more votes. The falcon is a favourite bird, out in the long hills of home. Kicking myself now.


  2. Steve Martin says:

    I do not beleive the pukeko is a true native.The bloody thing bought here 1000 years ago by man


  3. Would have been nice to see our tui friend get the number one slot again!


  4. p.s. feel free to join us on Facebook


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