Doctors get prescription wrong

The doctors who are criticising the government’s climate change policy have got their prescription wrong.

Twenty-six doctors, mainly public health practitioners, have put their name to the article in today’s New Zealand Medical Journal, which says the country “must rapidly halve its greenhouse gas emissions”.

A further 69 doctors are listed in support of the article. . . . The article argues for a much tougher policy than the Government has adopted, mainly to reduce the potential impact of climate change, but the authors note a positive spin-off would be to improve public health, such as through more cycling leading to reduced heart disease

Halving emissions by 2020 as they urge, would seriously damage our economy which in turn would substantially reduce the health services we could afford.

Some of the signatories are employed by the Minsitry of Health and their jobs would probably be among those at risk if the government followed their prescription.

It would also have little or no impact on the environment. 

If climate change is human induced it is a global problem. Reducing our tiny contribution of carbon emissions – about .1% – would take a huge effort and incur a great cost but have little or no impact on the world’s emissions.

12 Responses to Doctors get prescription wrong

  1. I’d put $50, even odds, that a sane analysis would find a 2 degree temperature rise would save more lives in NZ than it costs: reductions in cold-house related mortality and morbidity would outweigh costs of tropical diseases moving a bit southwards.


  2. Rimu says:

    Climate change mitigation does not need to be expensive. The Green Party has done a study which demonstrates that 40% cuts by 2020 are cheap, easy and desirable


  3. Red Rosa says:

    Actually, this is just another sign that the government’s ETS policy is unravelling.

    No encouragement for forestry plantings, as Ngai Tahu have realized, and the biggest polluters getting the biggest subsidies from the taxpayer.

    This story will not go away, and the numbers are big. New messengers will have to be shot each week!


  4. homepaddock says:

    “New messengers will have to be shot each week!”
    Will that increase or decrease carbon emissions? 🙂


  5. gravedodger says:

    We wouldn’t burn them surely, I would sequester them at about 1.8 m underground and claim the credits


  6. Allan Parsons says:

    I always thought that Doctors were meant to be intelligent well read people. It is obvious from their comments that they have been taken in by the hysterical rantings of the religious climate change zealots and not bothered to read the other side of the argument which counteracts the man made climate change theories, along with plenty of scientific proof to back their claims. The whole thing is a huge scam designed by those who wish to control other peoples lives and destinies, and pushed by many who stand to make huge amounts of money through the scam schemes like carbon trading. Just ask where does the money go to and who benefits?


  7. Johnnieboy says:

    A must-read open letter to the Minister of Climate Change by Dr Muriel Newman of the NZ Centre of Political Research, at:

    In it she points out how crap the science is around this issue. Her other articles point out just how much we will all be hit in the pocket by the ETS when the government removes the subsidies that will initially cushion us from its effects- massive price shock in 2013. We should all be up in arms about this.


  8. murrayg1 says:

    hysterical rantings?
    There are two kinds of people.
    Those who do research, and address the results.
    Then there are those who believe what they want to believe. A lot of those here obviously.
    Don’t worry too much about price shocks fron carbon, there are two cabs off the rank before that. Hope you’re not leveraged…
    And don’t blame the messengers just because you don’t like the message.


  9. pdm says:

    Is there a link to the lists of Doctors? I am sure my GP would have more brains but I want to know just in case I need to change Doctors when I get back to NZ.


  10. Red Rosa says:

    Here’s one who is doing his bit for global warming


  11. murrayg1 says:

    Bottom line? We should leave the planet in the same condition we found it. That overrides all discussion. Each one of us shold do their bit, and you will always be a small percentage of 7 billion – that is no excuse for not doing yours.


  12. J.R.M. says:

    On the whole those least able to pay for a ETS are the most ardent Every week their is more evidense of dodgy research by so called scientists persuing their own pesonel agendas eg movement to one world socialistGovt under UN. THE latest their may be further cooling for the nextten years. Hopefully common sense may prevail when it hits peoples pockets . JRM


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