Greenpeace gets wrong target again

Greenpeace activists have been arrested after painting an anti-Fonterra slogan on a ship in New Plymouth.

It was another protest against the importing of palm based animal feed.

There may be bio security issues with imported feed which could be a legitimate target for protest.

Whether palm plantations are the environmental problem Greenpeace believes they are is a moot point.

But if the protesters were really concerned about the environmental impacts they’d be targeting the companies and people who buy the many products which use palm oil rather than Fonterra which imports a small amount of the waste product, palm kernel extract.

2 Responses to Greenpeace gets wrong target again

  1. JC says:

    And demanding the Govt ban Palmolive and Sunlight soap.



  2. Farmer Baby Boomer says:

    I personally think that the sort of tactics being used by Greenpeace have passed their “use by” date. I believe that they are alienating some who would otherwise support the cause.
    It is intructive to look at what has happened with some GE/GM trials. At one time there was a group calling themselves “Wild Greens” who caused a stir when they ripped out a GE/GM Potato trial. I guess they made a point but they also upset a lot of people. More recently there was a GM Brassica trial which was allowed to flower and in doing so contravened conditions set by the Environmental Risk Management Authority(ERMA). End Result – the trial was discontinued and (in my opinion) it was not a good look for the GM research group involved. It also gave weight to those who felt that the Regulator, ERMA, was toothless and nothing more than a “rubber stamp” for GM/GE interests.
    Greenpeace needs to think smarter because given enough rope some will damage their own cause without the need for extreme protest action.


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