Dr Pat Farry

A death notice in the weekend ODT:

Farry, Dr Patrick Joseph, MNZM, FRNZCGP . . . doing what he loved most caring for the people of the rural area. . .

Dr Farry was a champion for rural medicine and rural health services.

Among his achievements was the development and delivery of the undergraduate Rural Immersion Programme at the University of Otago’s Medical School.

This scheme takes 20 fifth year medical students into rural hospitals for a year in the hope it will encourage some of them to return to rural medicine when they graduate.

I never met Dr Farry but he was often quoted at meetings when I was on the board which ran Oamaru Hospital and I am grateful for the good work he did as a practitioner in and advocate for rural medicine and health services.

The ODT profile of Dr Farry when he was awarded the MNZM is here.

2 Responses to Dr Pat Farry

  1. MacDoctor says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I met him briefly only once at a meeting between Southern Health and the Queenstown GPs. These were never easy meetings, but Pat struck me as a man who could appreciate the other side of an argument, even though he might not agree with it. He will be a big loss to rural medicine.

  2. Ian Goodwin says:

    I remember Pat from my time as one of those 5th year med students in the mid 80’s. He was a truly inspirational man who served his community well. He deserves some sort of enduring legacy.

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