One of those fortnights

Leaving home on Tuesday morning to attend a funeral in Dunedin, flying to Auckland for meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, flying back to Dunedin for a meeting yesterday morning and getting home just before 4pm isn’t the best way to prepare to host 30 people for dinner a couple of hours later.

To complicate matters the three young Argentineans who’ve been working for us and who we were farewelling, had been going to cook an asado. But rain and wind aren’t conducive to slow-cooking lamb by the fire so we had to go to plan b.

By the time I got home my farmer had cleaned out the garage and we had a barbeque in there instead.

It went well, we all had fun. The weather and early starts for most people this morning meant no-one over stayed their welcome so we were all cleared up by 1am.

When I woke late this morning I felt like I’d had one of those fortnights this week. Thankfully, I had the sense to have only one glass of wine last night. I’m feeling tired but at least I’m not hungover.

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