Stat time of the month

It’s stat time of the month again when Tim Selwyn of Tumeke! calls for blog stats for the Blogosphere Rankings.

In September at Homepaddock:

Sitemeter recorded 13,478 unique visitors. Stat Counter more generously recorded 15, 117 unique visitors.

 There were 238 posts which received a total of 497 comments.

The four most commented on posts were: 33 on Coal to fertiliser plant for Southland? on 25.9; 17 on Kiwirail must pay its way on 30.9;   16 on Greenpeace has wrong target for wrong reasons on 17.9 and 12 each on  Last cab has the mana and the power on  15.9 and The honourable member on 29.9.

The top 10 referring blogs were: 1,580 924 340 273 169 138 126 75 70 69

Thank you for popping in and an electronic bunch of daffodils to all who left a comment.


This Year’s Visits and Page Views by Month

This Year's Visits and Page Views by Month

The graph from StatCounter doesn’t want to copy but here are the figures:

Page Loads                 Unique Visitors                                            First Time Visitors                           Returning Visitors
Total 21,862 15,117 8,918 6,199
Average 729 504 297 207

4 Responses to Stat time of the month

  1. Sus says:

    “an electronic bunch of daffs” .. what a nice sentiment!

    Thank you for the posts. I appreciate the effort involved. 🙂


  2. gravedodger says:

    As one who gleans most of his information from the interwebby thing and blogs in particular thank you for your effort.
    Home paddock is always a great walk in the morning when I am home and am still working on a mobile thingy for when I am on the road


  3. Neil says:

    Well done HP You have passionate political views I know but you do it in such a pleasant way.
    I enjoy your love of rural life which is something that so many modern New Zealanders don’t understand. A shame, because country life is so rich and personal.
    However, we are an urban nation today and the votes lie in the sprawling Auckland isthmus where many of the children think cows milk originates in a container or cardboard.


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