Quality & quantity

Eight universities for a population of only four million does suggest we’re over-universitied.

But we can take some comfort from the global ranking of universities which suggests we’ve got quality as well as quantity.

Three of our universities are the top 200 – Auckland at 61, Otago at 125 and Canterbury at 188.

If you judge universities on more than academia, Otago still comes out tops.*

A relatively big university in a small city where most students come from other places creates a unique experience (and I don’t mean the stupidity which captured headlines recently).

More details on results of the comparisons here.

Hat Tip: NBR.

* from the completely unbiased 🙂 perspective of a graduate from both Otago and Canterbury with a daughter who graduated from Otago and is now studying at Auckland.

2 Responses to Quality & quantity

  1. Deborah says:

    It’s a great result, but it’s also the Time Higher Educational Supplement (THES) ranking, which is done on the basis of peer review i.e. what your mates think of you. So it’s going to be biased in particular ways.

    The Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking is due out next month. It’s more science based, and as highly regarded, if not more highly regarded, than the THES ranking. If you calibrate between the two, you should get a fairly clear idea of how NZ universities are ranked world-wide.

    For the record, I’m a graduate of Otago (125), Massey (not in the top 200 according to THES) and ANU (17).

  2. Paul Tremewan says:

    Auckland at the top….can only but agree (alongside all the rest of the alumni) !!
    I wonder if my teaching in the Business School was a contributing factor?
    Just a thought!!!
    (Mind, I always liked that TLES!)

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