October 7 in history

On October 7:

1900 Heinrich Himmler, German Nazi official, was born.

1914 English actress Sarah Churchill was born.

1917 Count Felix Graf von Luckner had earned the epithet Der Seeteufel (the Sea-Devil) due to his exploits as captain of the German raider SMS Seeadler (Sea Eagle) in 1916–17, was imprisoned in New Zealand.

1919 Netherlands airline KLM was founded.

KLM logo.png

1929 English writer Robert Westall was born.

1932 South African bishop Desmond Tutu was born.

1933 Air France was inaugurated, after the merger of 5 French airlines

Air France logo 2009.svg

1939 Autralian author, television presenter and critic Clive James was born.

1949 German Democratic Republic (East Germany)was  formed.

Flag Coat of arms

1952 Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister and former President of the Russian Federation was born.

1955 Poet Allen Ginsberg read his poem “Howl” for the first time at a poetry reading in San Francisco.

1957 English figure Skater Jayne Torvill was born.

1982 Cats opened on Broadway and ran for nearly 18 years.



Sourced from NZ History Online & Wikipedia.

One Response to October 7 in history

  1. gravedodger says:

    Felix von Luckner:
    My late father in law was a driver with NZ railways road services in the late thirtys and he recounted taking this gentleman and two companions on an extensive tour of the South Island. NZRRS ran hire cars as well as buses. For a newly married man it was quite a memorable trip, tasting the luxury lifestyle of the wealthy tourist. It later became apparent to my FIL that he had unwittingly assisted in a scoping exercise for planning the potential for a number of the places visited to be employed by the German Navy as possible shore bases for emergency use by the raiders that were going to be a major part of the strangling of Britain’s marine trade. This all became apparent to FIL when the war developed and he separated the excitement of being in the company of a person he respected for his legendary deeds from the perspective of his own service in our armed forces(North Africa and Italy) and realizing that not all the places visited over a period of a month or so were those that the regular tourist visited. He was in FIL’s eyes the antithesis of the Nazis he encountered in battle.


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