Jetlag without the holiday

I’ve always reckoned that the change to daylight saving is similar to jetlag without the compensation of having had a holiday.

Leon Lack, a sleep expert from Flinders’ University, agrees that it plays havoc with the body clock.

He says it is much harder to go on to daylight savings than it is going off it.

“It’s harder because we have to get up earlier than our body clock would like to and try to force ourselves to sleep earlier in the evening,” Professor Lack told ABC News Online.

“Our body clock naturally wants us to delay and this is asking us to shift forward an hour, so it’s difficult getting up the first morning of daylight savings and the next few mornings after that.

“Coming off daylight saving in the autumn is easier because of the natural tendency for the body clock to drift later.”

He has a tip to ease the pain:

He says the best way to make the transition easier is to soak up the sun’s early morning rays.

“Spend two or three mornings in the sunshine,” Professor Lack said.

“It doesn’t have to be outside necessarily, but in a window in the northern side of the house perhaps.

“Our body clock controls when we feel sleepy and when we feel alert and by telling the body the sun is now shining earlier than before, it shifts our body clock earlier in time.

The trouble is, the sun isn’t shining earlier, it’s an hour later.

Or it would be if it was here at all.

This morning we woke in the dark (thanks to the neighbours’ cows which had got into our paddock) at 6am. It was half-light when I got up at 6.30 and very frosty.

The sun is now doing it’s best to shine but the white has only just gone off the lawn.


(Thanks to Deborah from In A Strange Land who pointed to the story.

One Response to Jetlag without the holiday

  1. lilacsigil says:

    This year has been the easiest transition for me because I’m sick and sleeping 12-14 hours a night, being woken constantly by my own coughing. I feel like shit regardless of what time it is.


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