Playing politics

Political junkies who don’t need another excuse for work avoidance should read no further.

A politcal simulation game is being launched today at

You can choose to be a list or electroate MP then play politics:

It’s up to you and your fellow colleagues to decide the fate of the country. And the decisions you make will have an affect on the citizens of this model world.

Maybe there’s an opportunity for real politicians here. They could test their policies in this simulated world and see the results before inflicting them on us.

Hat Tip: BK Drinkwater

3 Responses to Playing politics

  1. PaulL says:

    Except that computer simulations behave the way that their programmers thought they should behave, not like real people do.

    If a raving lefty wrote it (many computer programmers are raving lefies) then when you give people free markets they’ll start taking advantage of their fellow man and there will be massive social costs.

    If a raving righty wrote it, then when the govt starts taxing a bit more, everyone will stop working.

    The model will tell us nothing other than the political beliefs of the person who wrote it.


  2. ZenTiger says:



  3. homepaddock says:

    The post at BK Drinkwater which I hat tipped says: “It’s run by a group of admins, balanced between Young Labour and Young Nats.”

    That doesn’t mean it’s balanced though and I accept what you say about it reflecting its prgrammers’ biases.


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